University Project PHP and SQL Assignment

A database driven assignment

In this assignment we were tasked to create a PHP based, database driven dynamic website which would connect to a database using SQL, and generate content for the page from the database.

The website had to include functionality to add a new hotel, view all hotels, search for a hotel, use SQL joins to add amenities to hotels (many to many relationships), use dropdown menus and radio buttons etc where appropriate when creating a new hotel, and authenticate/authorise users. There was an "admin" user who would ideally be given permission to create a new hotel, which the "standard" user would not be able to do.

This assignment taught me how to be comfortable generating content for a web page using PHP, and how to use MVC architecture to keep individual components independant. Using MVC also helped me to not reuse code, saving lots of time when it came time to edit details/sections of the site.

Here is the link to the website. Use email "" and password "letmein" to view the admin account so you can add a new hotel. For the standard account the email is "" and the password is "password".